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what is micro-needling?

Genuine EDS (electrical derma stamp) Skin Rejuvenation Therapy provides advanced micro-medical skin needling.
This award winning treatment stimulates the skin to regenerate and repair itself naturally and safely, creating smoother, brighter, healthier and younger looking skin.

A long lasting regenerative treatment using the power of the body’s own repair mechanism where new collagen is formed and new skin cells are generated. This process continues for several months after treatment.



What should I expect from this treatment?

By using an electrical device with small needles, tiny holes are created on the skin surface. The microneedling device will be pushed or rolled over your face to create punctures, which force your skin into repair mode. The “micro injuries” caused will stimulate the skin to produce collagen and elastin therefore improving fine lines,  wrinkles and reducing scars. The Genuine Dermastamp is used to reduce specific scars. It breaks down scar tissue and allows the skin to regenerate and repair itself. Several treatments may be required for deeper scars. As a result, the complexion will have a much younger appearance and improved texture.

The needles can be adjusted to  varying lengths to treat all areas including more sensitive or fragile skins.

A local anaesthetic cream is applied prior to the procedure. The areas treated will be pink afterwards, resembling sunburn and with possible swelling. However this is short lived and will settle. A topical Hyaluronic Acid, vitamin and antioxidant gel is used during the procedure, and a cooling gel mask applied afterwards.

A full explanation and a treatment plan will be agreed prior to consent.

SPF is vital after this treatment and will be included in your aftercare package & an advice sheet given.



What areas can be treated?

Micro-needling can significantly improve the appearance of;

• Aged and sun damaged skin

• Acne scars/scarring

• Stretch marks

• Facial and décolletage lines and wrinkles



Are there any side effects?

Side effects can include;

• Redness.

• Potential mild swelling.

• Small scabs.

• Small red bruising.

• Skin dryness for a few days after treatment.


Documented side effects, risks & potential complications will all be discussed at consultation.



our prices

Single course, inclusive of skin care products – £250.00

Three courses – £600.00


Please call or email us if you have any questions about this kind of treatment and we will gladly discuss this with you.