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KB PRO Microblading

Enhance your brows...

Would you like to wake up with amazing brows every day without having to do anything yourself?
Microblading semi-permanent makeup is a technique used to create extremely realistic hair stroke brows. Pigment is deposited into the upper dermis layer of the skin using a ‘state of the art’ microblading tool to create the illusion of fine, precise hair strokes resulting in a very natural eyebrow finish.

This treatment is recommended if you have:
• Natural hair loss due to the ageing process
• Thin eyebrows from over-plucking
• A busy lifestyle
• Lack the confidence in applying eyebrow makeup

This treatment is carried out over three appointments:
• FREE 30 minute consultation
• Initial microblading treatment
• Re-touch treatment (6-12 weeks after first treatment)

It is advised to have a colour boost 12-18 months after your initial treatment to maintain the effect. You will need to have a patch test prior to the treatment.

Initial treatment including 6 week retouch.

6 -1 1 months after first treatment.

12 -18 months after first treatment.

TWEAKS – £140.00
Any ‘tweaks’ 3-6 months after 1st treatment.

Microblading FAQ’s – CLICK HERE