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what is Profhilo?

Profhilo is an award winning innovative injectable treatment that not only boosts and hydrates your skin but remodels ageing and sagging skin. A pure hyaluronic acid product that spreads through you skin, stimulating four different collagen types and elastin.

This product can be used to improve facial skin, neck sagginess, crepiness to backs of hands, décolletage and other body areas.



What should I expect from this treatment?

Profhilo involves specifically placed injections to allow uniform spread of the product to the treated areas. The procedure is a little uncomfortable, however a local anaesthetic can be used. Some small bumps will be visible for a few hours along with some redness. The risk of any bruising is minimal.

It is recommended to have two treatments four weeks apart initially, with follow up treatments advised every six months.

Results can be seen within a few weeks with continuing skin improvement after each treatment.

A full assessment, examination and explanation is made prior to consent and treatment with aftercare advice and leaflets provided.



What can be treated?

This procedure treats;

• Aged & dehydrated skin

• Face

• Neck

• Backs of hands

• Décolleté

• Upper arms

• Loose skin of tummy



Are there any side effects?

Side effects can include;

• Some discomfort

• Swelling

• Potential bruising

• Redness

Documented side effects, risks & potential complications will all be discussed at consultation.




our prices

Initial two treatments four weeks apart – £500.00

Follow up treatments – £250.00

Please call or email us if you have any questions about this kind of treatment and we will gladly discuss this with you.