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desoface/desobody fat dissolving

Reduce yourself...



What should I expect from this treatment?

A non surgical treatment to remove those stubborn fat deposits that will not shift despite regular exercise and gym sessions. However there are different types of fat and this should not be seen as a weight loss treatment but it will improve overall shape and contours.

The treatment involves injecting the product directly into the fat using mostly cannula technique and at times a needle technique. It is not especially painful but a warmth is felt with some redness, bruising & tenderness over the treated area for a few days is normal. Effects are best seen after 6 weeks and in most cases 2-4 treatment sessions are required.

A consultation with a full explanation and assessment for suitability is made prior to consenting to any treatment. Aftercare and advice along with information leaflets are provided.



what is fat dissolving?

Fat dissolving treatments have been around since the 1970’s but have now advanced in their efficiency and effect. Desoface/body is composed mainly of sodium deoxycholate a bile salt that breaks down fat cells with the body excreting them. Once the fat cells are removed from the body they will not return.

It must be mentioned that diet and exercise play an important part in maintaining the effect of treatment and the behaviour of the fat cells in the surrounding areas that have not been treated. Without which these cells may grow bigger and over time the effect of the treatment may be lost.



What areas can be treated?

The most popular treatment sites are;

• Under the chin and lower face to improve that double chin and jaw line

• Hips or saddle bags

• Buttocks

• Thighs

• Knees

• Upper arms

• Abdominal fat

• Back fat



Are there any side effects?

Common side effects can include;

• Mild to moderate discomfort during and after the procedure for a few days

• Redness, swelling & bruising


Documented side effects, risks & potential complications will all be discussed at consultation.




our prices

Deso Body £250.00 per session (course of 3 – £600)

Deso Face £150.00 per session (course of 3 – £375)

This will be discussed at your consultation and a treatment plan agreed.

Please call or email us if you have any questions about this kind of treatment and we will gladly discuss this with you.





We also offer in clinic The 1:1 Cambridge Weight Plan, with our own in house dedicated diet consultant to support you through your weight loss journey. Please just call us if you are interested in this.